About Us

About Power Events Group

Power Events was founded in 2009 to bring the excitement of Real Live Golden Tee events to all over the country.

In 2011 we organized the PEGT Tour, with 6 events across the country - culminating in the crowning of the Top Gun - Golden Tee Player of the Year.

The Power Events Team

Russ 'Hot Karl' Layton - Owner - Machine: Transit, Transition, Debugging & Rejuvenation. Player Relations

Steve 'Watchez' Sobel - Owner - Media Relations, Contracting & Finance, Promotions & Propaganda

'Perfect' Paige Gossett - Owner - Player Advocation & Relations. Verbal, Textual, Internet & Body Language Communications

Matt 'Cyclone' Van Hoosier - Master of Ceremonies, His Excellence in Excel

Kelly 'Dusty Cracker' Ambrose - Union Contractor. Co Pilot

Richard 'Where is' King - Unofficial Official Photographer. Graphic Artistry

Mike 'McNutty' Chesnut - Exterminator of Bugs and Eminence of the Intrawebs