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  2. Adam Fennelly
  3. Andrew Goron
  4. Andy Davidson
  5. Arthur DeVries
  6. Bill Read
  7. Billy Chadwell
  8. Billy Guffey
  9. Bob Martin
  10. Brad Reynolds
  11. Brendan Regan
  12. Brian Testa
  13. Brian Wagner
  14. Brian Wagner
  15. Butch Meyer
  17. Chris Cran
  18. Chris Washington
  19. Clay Heneise
  20. Cory Neely
  21. Craig Day
  22. Craig Franta
  23. Craig Sander
  24. Damien Sullivan
  25. Damion Horton (referred By Evan Sewell)
  26. Dan Wiser
  27. Dannyboy
  28. David Fontana
  29. David Honeycutt
  30. David Howell
  31. David Watland
  32. Derick Link
  33. Dolan Cheatham
  34. Duane Tackett
  35. Dustin Barnard
  36. Ed Godfrey
  37. Eric Lindberg
  38. Erik Hougen
  39. Erik Nelson
  40. Erik Rios
  41. Erin Nelson
  42. Evan Sewell
  43. Frank Aguiar
  44. Frank Enberry
  45. Garrett Clothier
  46. Glen Baughman
  47. Gregory Smith
  48. Jack Wallin
  49. Jade McGillem
  50. James Hickey
  51. Jamie Arrington
  52. Jamie Godfrey
  53. Jason Graham
  54. Jason Loschiavo
  55. Jason Scherler
  56. Jay Ware
  57. Jeff Kahlich
  58. Jeff Leeper
  59. Jerral Lane
  60. Jerry Meece
  61. Jessica Houghtaling
  62. Joe Ferguson
  63. Joe Seger
  64. Joel Ryerson
  65. Joel Wilbourn
  66. Joey Dixson
  67. John Evers
  68. John Killgore
  69. Jonathan Caton
  70. Jonathan Munn
  71. Joseph Brown
  72. Josh Ballinger
  73. Josh Mertzig
  74. Joshua Winkler
  75. Justin Townsend
  76. Karl Freeberg
  77. Ken Calus
  78. Ken Terrill
  79. Kirk Lambert
  80. Kirk Stimpert
  81. Kristina Guffey
  82. Kurtis Davis
  83. Larry Foster
  84. Larry Zull
  85. Leon Cyganowski
  86. Loren R McDonough
  87. Marcus Cash
  88. Mark Williams
  89. Matt Homolka
  90. Matt Kavanaugh
  91. Matt Suarez
  92. McIntyre Bridges
  93. Michael Brooks
  94. Michael Corbin
  95. Michael Kenney
  96. Michael Peres
  97. Mike Arrington
  98. Mike Betley
  99. Mike Calabrese
  100. Mike Collier
  101. Mike Gray
  102. Mike Mackey
  103. Miller Montz
  104. Nate Stowell
  105. Nathan Isbell
  106. Neil Seichepine
  107. Nikia Pipestem
  108. Patrick Fagan
  109. Paul Jenson
  110. Paul Kruce
  111. Peter Butler
  112. Phil Reeser
  113. Ralph Hammack
  114. Randy Tiffin
  115. Ray Upshaw
  116. Richard Wagner
  117. Rick Williams
  118. Rob Nelson
  119. Robert Fregoso
  120. Robert Perduyn
  121. Rodney Collins
  122. Rusty Kerr
  123. Ryan Gird
  124. Ryan McCook
  125. Sammy Manaway
  126. Scott Larson
  127. Scott Petersen
  128. Shon Anderson
  129. Spencer Admire
  130. Steve Bailey
  131. Steve Beattie
  132. Susanne Modesto
  133. Thomas Larkin
  134. Thomas Robinson
  135. Tim Boyer
  136. Todd Douglas Clarke
  137. Tony Blair
  138. Tracy Lockart
  139. Travis Leader
  140. Warren Bagwell
  141. Wayne Hartman
  142. Wes Logan
  143. William J Richardson
  144. Zachary Larkin

tournament locations

dallas tournament information 2021

DALLAS Holiday Classic & Top Gun/Lil Gun Year End Events

Dallas, Texas
Dec 9TH – 12TH, 2021

5970 PARK VISTA CIR #100

dallas tournament information 2021

$8500 ADDED - $11,000 ADDED if over 100 players in the Main Event for more details, news and current TOP GUN standings

Remember you must play in two events to qualify for the Top Gun Events

The winner of the Lil Gun also wins a FREE entry to the 2021 Golden Tee World Championships in Vega$ - to be held in 2022. 

All times for this tournament will be kept to a strict start time.  

***Special Note: for the Holiday Classic Event, we will play a minimum of 2 rounds of the double elimination bracket Saturday night for both Main & Purple Brackets. There will be no doubles tournament on Saturday night.

We will start up again on Sunday at 11AM for the Purple Bracket and Noon sharp for the Main Event and hope to finish the Holiday Classic Event between 3PM - 4PM. We will take a 30 minute break and then immediately start the Top Gun and Lil Gun Finals. This will end @ approx 10PM or 11PM.

If you are thinking you are going to be in the final 64 and hopefully we will have a large group staying around to watch, please plan your travel accordingly.

All matches to be played on Pedestals and 2021 Courses.

 THURSDAY December 9th- SUNDAY December 12th

5970 PARK VISTA CIR #100

Hotels in area will not give group rate.  We suggest use a discount hotel booking site such as or


Thurs December 9TH 7:30PM: Closest to the Pin and Money Shot

$500 ADDED
Heads up CTTP playing all 9 holes
Lowest total distance after 9 holes moves on
All ties mean a rematch
Double Elimination
$10.00 Entry Fee

$500 ADDED

Heads up Money Shot best two out of three games

Double Elimination

$10 Entry Fee

Friday December 10th  Afternoon Doubles Tournament 12:30 PM
Blind Draw Doubles - Played on Classic Courses.   18 holes on Winner's Side.  9 Holes on Loser's Side.
Double Elimination  
$20.00 Entry Fee per person
Tournament Director may choose to make this 9 Holes on Winner's and Loser's Side depending on number of signups and pace of play or single elimination. 

Friday December 10th  7:30PM: Handicap Tournament 
Match Play Handicapped Tournament based on your GT handicap
Must have GT Handicap to enter
Single Elimination
Satellite Qualifier for Main Event
$25.00 Entry Fee

Saturday December 11th 11:00 AM - PLAYER AUCTION & MAIN EVENT $7,500 Added...up to $10,000 Added with over 100 players
Qualifying to start immediately afterwards
5 Course Qualifier
$100 Entry Fee -- $20.00 optional Hole in One side pot during qualifier   

$8,500 ADDED up to $11,000 ADDED
Top 32 players with best combined score on all 5 courses advance to Championship Bracket on Sunday.
All remaining players who played in the qualifier advance to the 'Purple Bracket' on Sunday as well with
$300 First Place -- $200 Second Place -- $100 Third Place minimum payouts
$50 Power Events Golden Tee Gift Card to the highest qualifier on each course and $50 Gift Card to the overall top qualifier.

Sunday December 12th: FINALS (32 players) Noon & Purple Bracket and Pink Bracket 11AM Start

Double Elimination Match Play Finals for both the 
Championship Bracket & Purple Bracket

Sunday December 12th 4:00PM
Top Gun & Lil Gun Finals - Top Gun is 32 Player Double Elimination Bracket   Lil Gun is 32 Player Single Elimination Bracket 

Lil Gun Champion will also receive a pass to GT World Championships 2021

 **Live Player Auction for Final Top Gun 32**

All matches to be played on pedestals.

***For All 2021 Power Event Tournaments - If you have played in a Power Event Tournament before & bring a player with you that has never played in one of our events before - You will both receive a $20.00 GT Gift Card as a referral/new player bonus. If the player signs up prior to the event on here, have them declare that they were your referral.***