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  1. Adam Harris
  2. Adam Kramer
  3. Al Ross
  4. Al Zerrull
  5. Alex Arriaran
  6. Alex Leum
  7. Andy Haas
  8. Andy Pope
  9. Bill Sharpley
  10. Bob Kurent
  11. Brad Baird
  12. Brad Bracey
  13. Brendan Harris
  14. Brett B
  15. Brian Cole
  16. Brian Griffin
  17. Brian Holt
  18. Brian Sharp
  19. Brian Stowell
  20. Bryan Gering
  21. Bud Casey
  22. Buddy Dees
  23. Chris Eversole
  24. Chris Madaris
  25. Chris Storter
  26. Clete Alford
  27. Dan Wies
  28. David Duncan
  29. David Key
  30. Desmond Burke
  31. DJ Rickman
  32. Drew Chang
  33. Duane Reed
  34. Dylan Doherty
  35. Ed Funcheon
  36. Enzo Polidori
  37. Eric Cole
  38. Erik Leum
  39. Evan Gossett
  40. Frosty
  41. Gary Sheldon
  42. Gavin Herrin
  43. George Von K
  44. Glen Baughman
  45. Gordy Brown
  46. Graham Bratcher
  47. Hal Lutz
  48. J Allen Morgan
  49. Jason Colebank
  50. Jason Gliszczynski
  51. Jason Loschiavo
  52. Jeff Hatfield
  53. Jeff Stresing
  54. Jim Hooks
  55. Jody Palmer
  56. John Clark
  57. John Evers
  58. John Jansa
  59. John Plescher
  60. Jon Cramer
  61. Jonathan Engkaninan
  62. Joseph Tirik
  63. Ken Shaffer
  64. Kevin Kay
  65. Kevin Lindsay
  66. Kevin O'Connor
  67. Kipling Dickman
  68. Lee Chepenik
  69. Mark Arie
  70. Mark Blair
  71. Mark Lepich
  72. Mark Stenmark
  73. Martin Wiederstein
  74. Matt Kavanaugh
  75. Matthew Broughton
  76. Michael Johnston
  77. Michael Nypower
  78. Michael Payne
  79. Michael Ratcliffe
  80. Mike Cooper
  81. Mike Kauffmann
  82. Mike Mattone
  83. Mike McMillion
  84. Minh Nguyen
  85. Moises Perdomo
  86. Neil Glaser
  87. Nicholas Jordanopoulos
  88. Nick Haines
  89. Omar Olivares
  90. Paige Gossett
  91. Pat Landy
  92. Patrick McMillan
  93. Paul Luna
  94. Randall Landers
  95. Raymond C See
  96. Richard King
  97. Richard Laquinto
  98. RJ Jurek
  99. Rob Campbell
  100. Robert Holtrey
  101. Robert Theiss
  102. Robert Thompson
  103. Rodney Collins
  104. Rodney Roberts
  105. Russ Layton
  106. Ryan Berkowitz
  107. Scott Zollars
  108. Sean Gervais
  109. Seth Standefer
  110. Shane Kennedy
  111. Shannon McMahon
  112. Sharon Shaffer
  113. Shaun Kennedy
  114. Shawn Dolan
  115. Stephen Dakin
  116. Steve Mantooth
  117. Steve Sobel
  118. Steven Kramer
  119. Tim Lyons
  120. Tim McMahon
  121. Todd Clarke
  122. Tommy Morreale
  123. Vaughn Heym
  124. Zach Pilger

tournament locations

orlando tournament information 2015

Heading back to Florida for our 6th year  --  same owner.  Same location as last year.  This is located on the main tourism strip in Orlando.  Lots of hotels - many under $50 a night.

NOW $5000 ADDED - thanks to Chris (owner) for his continued support of the PEGT

We are also working on some smaller sponsorships to provide some swag to our players.  Hope to have the details to post soon.

There is a Days Inn .20 miles from the bar that is listed for $40 a night on Expedia - some of us stayed there a few years ago.  It was a little below par but if you are looking for cheap Smile

Weekend AFTER the Super Bowl for more details, news and current POTY standings.

All matches to be played on Pedestals and 2015 Courses.


WHERE: BackStage Billiards
5656 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819
ph# 407-345-0323


Lots of hotels very close under $50 a night.,+Florida,+United+States+of+America&startDate=02/05/2015&endDate=02/09/2015&adults=2&regionId=6034244&sort=price


Thurs February 5th 7:30PM: Closest to the Pin
Heads up CTTP playing all 9 holes
Closest after the 9 holes moves on
All ties mean a rematch
Double Elimination
$10.00 Entry Fee
Power Events will add $5 for every player entered

Friday February 6th 7:30PM: Handicap Tournament
Match Play Handicapped Tournament based on your GT handicap
Must have valid player card to enter
Single Elimination
Satellite Qualifier for Main Event
$25.00 Entry Fee

Saturday February 7th Noon - PLAYER AUCTION & MAIN EVENT $5,000 Added
Qualifying to start immediately afterwards
5 Course Qualifier
$110 Entry Fee -- $20.00 optional Hole in One side pot during qualifier  
$5,000 ADDED
Top 32 players with best combined score on all 5 courses advance to Championship Bracket on Sunday.
All remaining players who played in the qualifier advance to the 'Purple Bracket' on Sunday as well with
Purple Bracket Minimum payout of:
$300 First Place -- $200 Second Place -- $100 Third Place
$50 Power Events Golden Tee Gift Card to the highest qualifier on each course and $50 Gift Card to the overall top qualifier.

Saturday February 7th 7:30PM: Doubles Tournament
Blind Draw Doubles - Played on Classic Courses. 18 holes on Winner's Side. 9 Holes on Loser's Side.
Double Elimination
$15.00 Entry Fee per person
Tournament Director may choose to make this 9 Holes on Winner's and Loser's Side depending on number of signups and pace of play.

Sunday February 8th: FINALS (32 players) & Purple Bracket Noon Start
Double Elimination Match Play Finals for both the
Championship Bracket & Purple Bracket

All matches to be played on pedestals.

Golf Outing details to be posted.   Andy Pope is gonna help setup.  Separate sign up to be posted.

***For All 2015 Power Event Tournaments - If you have played in a Power Event Tournament before & bring a player with you that has never played in one of our events before - You will both receive a $20.00 GT Gift Card as a referral/new player bonus. If the player signs up prior to the event on here, have them declare that they were your referral.***