The Power Events Golden Tee Tour (The PEGT Tour)

Power Events will be presenting a series of 6 events, culminating in crowning a true Golden Tee Top Gun champion.  In each event, players will earn points based upon their finish in each tournament.  (Think Fed Ex Cup).  The top 32 players will be awarded a spot in a finals tournament to earn additional cash prizes at year end.    We have also added the Lil Gun Tournament which will be players 33-64 in attendance at the year end event, that qualify.  The prize pool for the Lil Gun event will be up 25% of the total pool

The finals tournaments of the top 64 players in the Power Events Golden Tee (PEGT) Tour will take place the same weekend as the END OF YEAR Event on that Sunday - after the END OF YEAR - HOLIDAY CLASSIC EVENT is complete.  The Holiday Classic Event will count towards Top Gun/Lil Gun point totals and could/should change the point leaderboard standings. This will be a Free Roll (no additional entry fee) tournament. The tournament will be a seeded based on points earned in the 6 events ( your overall score determined from your top 4 finishes only - detals below), with the champion determined thru a 32 man seeded double elimination bracket.   There will also be a secondary event - LIL GUN - for the next 32 ranked players (33rd - 64th), with a minimum of 10% of the accrued prize pool funding this event.   This event will be single elimination.  NOTE:  YOU MUST PLAY IN TWO PEGT EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN EITHER OF THESE EVENTS. 

A format such at the PEGT Tour will increase participation.  The top players will be encouraged to bring out more local participation to increase overall prize pool.  As you will read below, for every extra player that is in one of the 6 events - $30 will be added into the final event prize pool. Power Events not only wants to bring tournaments to the top players but also to the casual player.  Every one has the desire to compete and challenge yourself, that is what has made the Live platform such a success. 

Remember, if you bring a new player to a PEGT event - both the established player and new player will receive a $20 GT Gift Card.

The PEGT Tour website will have all info and keep track of player points and results.


PEGT Tour Points Per Event

Positiion   Points   Position   Points
1   2500   33   190
2   1500   34   185
3   1000   35   180
4   750   36   175
5-6   550   37-38   170
7-8   450   39-40   160
9-12   360   41-44   145
13-16   280   45-48   125
17-24   250   49-56   95
25-32   215   57-64   55
        65+   30


*** Your total points for the PEGT Tour will only be computed from your top 4 finishing events.  This means that you can play in 1 event, 4 events, 6 events but if you play in 6 events - your lowest two placing finishes will be dropped off your scoring total.    This will make it a less of a feeling of requirement to attend and travel to all 6 events, however you might also want to compete in more than 4 events to possibly increase your overall standing.  The areas we have events in will give the entire GT population an opportunity to partake in the PEGT tour.

The Top Gun finals will be for the top 32 ranked players by their point totals that are in attendance in FINAL YEAR END EVENT.  Meaning, if for some reason the #9 overall ranked player is not there, there will not be put a BYE in the bracket board in that person will move spot.  Every one will move up one spot in the order of ranked players (as if #9 never existed) and #33 will now be in the Top Gun tournament.  

*** If two players are tied for any position in the PEGT point standings after all 6 events are completed, the tiebreaker will be their average score in the PEGT events.  If that is also a tie, the next tiebreatker will be head to head matchups.  The final tiebreaker will be # of events played. 

Money to support the prize pool for the PEGT Tour Winners will be collected as follows: 

  • $10 held from the entry fee of each person at each event
  • $20 added by Power Events & IT for each entry of each person at each event


Incredible Technologies is supporting Power Events to also help sponsor this Tour (thumbs up Adam and Kevin)

For example, for 6 events and 50 players at each event = 300 players.

$10 x 300 entry fees = $3,000

$20 x 300 added by Power Events = $6,000

Total PEGT Tour prize pool would be $9,000 in this scenario. 

Again, this will be a Free Roll tournament.









  • Any and all decisions by the tournament officials are FINAL.   Furthermore, all issues can never be accounted for in all of the rules and at times, on an individual basis, rulings by the tournament officials can be made.   All rulings are made to be fair and with impartiality.

  • RESPECT:  You, your fellow players, the host location and the tournament directors all have a common goal -  to have a good time and compete fairly.  We all must respect each other, show good sportsmanship at all times, maintain self control and not use obscene language or gestures.   Any action in conflict to good sportsmanship can result in a forfeit.   Furthermore, please abide by any country, state, city, local laws and location policies in regards to drinking, smoking, and behavior.

  • COURSE SELECTION:  For Match play, course selection will be determined by random spin of the trackball.  The ‘random course selection button’ may also be used.  Only CURRENT YEAR courses may be used.  The higher seeded player has the option to tee off first or have their opponent tee off first.   The winner is determined by the best score after 18 completed holes.  In case of a tie, Sudden Death will ensue.   The person that tees off first on the first hole of Sudden Death is the person that won hole 18, or the last decided hole one.   That is to say, "hole 19" is a continuation of game play and the "honor" shot off the tee box follows the same rules as all other holes of play. 

  • SUDDEN DEATH:  Players may not change equipment in regards to clubs set used or ball type used at the start of Sudden Death.  Players can reload the same balls or tees if needed.   

  • POWER LOSS:  If a machine or machines loses power during any tournament match, the match will be restarted and the players will resume their match on the tee box of the hole that was being played when the malfunction occurred.  All scoring up to the point of the malfunction is valid and will be factored in at the completion of the round.

  • TRACKBALL/MACHINE MALFUNCTION:  Contact a tournament official.  The official will inspect the trackball for faults.  At the discretion of the tournament official, the match may be restarted.

  • FAILURE TO CHANGE EQUIPMENT:  If a player forgets to change their equipment before teeing off on the first hole, that player must finish out the round with that equipment setup.  Check all equipment before starting your round.  

  • PLACEMENT OF GOLDEN TEES:  If a Golden Tee is accidentally placed for an opponent, contact a tournament official.  If the penalty of the tee is deemed “no harm, no foul”, play will continue.  If not, the errant player may be penalized a stroke(s).

  • ACCIDENTAL HITTING OF AN OPPONENT’S SHOT:  If you accidentally hit a shot for your opponent, contact a tournament official.  The tournament official will determine how many strokes were lost by the affected player (if any).  These strokes will be added t the affected player’s score at the completion of the round.  Players repeatedly hitting other player’s shots may be penalized further.

  • OUT OF TURN SHOT TAKEN:  All shots must be taken in order of the game.  You may not skip your turn to have your opponent shoot.  You may not skip your turn to roll in a putt for your opponent prior to your own putt.  The tournament official can penalize this action with penalty stroke(s). 

  • FOREIGN SUBSTANCES:  No foreign substances are allowed to be put on the trackball.  A clean towel (or your clean shirt) is acceptable to wipe the trackball and game deck.  Any action beyond this, the tournament official can penalize with penalty stroke(s) or forfeiture.

  • PUTTING:  As it is common practice, you may give the courtesy of making a putt for your opponent.  Any missed putts taken on behalf of your opponent, will be added to their score at the completion of the round.

  • PACE OF PLAY:  Keep pace of play within reason.  All phone calls, restroom or smoke breaks, food or drink orders, should be completed prior to beginning your match.  Players whose pace of play adversely affects the tournament may be penalized.

  • MATCH TIMES:  All matches will be on Sunday at Noon sharp (Purple Bracket can start at 11 AM at the tournament officials discretion and will be announced as such during qualifying.  Once Match Play begins, subsequent matches will be called when an open machine is available.   A player must be ready to play their game NO LATER than 10 minutes after a scheduled match time.  Failure to do so will result in a FORFEIT of the match.  Phone calls or text messages stating you are running late will not be accepted as an excuse to delay a match beyond 10 minutes.

  • USE OF MACHINES BETWEEN  MATCHES:  If a machine is open, please request to a tournament official if it is available to use.  Our priority is always to move the tournament along smoothly and timely.


Closest To the Pin Tournament

·        Tournament Format: Blind Draw Double Elimination Match Play

·        Play Format: Nine holes of CTTP Prize Play

·        Entry Fee: $10 per player

·        Added Prize Money: $5 per player added by Power Vending

·        Winner: The match winner is the player who has lower total feet for all 9 holes after the completion of the game.  

·        Ties: In the event of a tie, players will continue to play an additional full nine holes of CTTP Prize Play until a winner is determined.

Money Shot Tournament

  • Tournament Format: Blind Draw Double Elimination Match Play

  • Play Format: Best two out of three games, Money Shot

  • Entry Fee: $10 per player

  • Winner: The match winner is the player who wins two out of three games of Money Shot, being closest to the stick in each individual game. 

Handicapped Tournament

·        Tournament Format: Blind Draw Single Elimination Match Play

·        Play Format: Eighteen Holes Prize Play

·        Entry Fee: $25 per player – MUST use your “Main” identification login with IT.

·      Winner:  The winner is the player whose handicapped score at the end of eighteen holes, as shown on the machine’s final results screen, is lower.

·     Ties:  In the event of a tie, players will play the front nine holes on the same course.  Additional nine-holes will continue, beginning with the back nine of the same course, to be played until a winner is determined.  Players are not allowed to change equipment at any point during a match, but are allowed to refill currently selected equipment as necessary between nine-hole rounds.


Scotch Doubles Tournament

·        Tournament Format: Blind Draw Single Elimination Match Play

·        Play Format:  Eighteen Holes Prize Play, Alternate Shot/Alternate Hole.  Each team has one player tee off on all odd-numbered holes, the other player on the team tees off on all even-numbered holes.  Players alternate shots during the course of each hole.  Team discussion  is allowed (shots, strategy, etc.).  Due to time restraints, the tournament official may choose to make matches 9 holes.

·        Entry Fee: $20 per player

·        Winner: The winner is the team whose gross score at the end of eighteen holes is lower.

·      Ties:  In the event of a tie, players will play Nine Holes Prize Play in Sudden Death Format.  Players are not allowed to change equipment at any point during a match, but are allowed to refill currently selected equipment as necessary between nine-hole rounds.

 Main Event Qualifier

·        Qualifier Format: Cumulative Five-Course Score with Locked Conditions

·        Entry Fee: $100 per player

·    Machine Assignments:  Players will be randomly assigned to machines.  The number of players per machine will be minimized based on the number of entrants and available machines.


Hole-In-One Side Pot

·        Entry Fee: $20 per player

·       Play Format: Entrants to the side pot will be awarded one share of the pot for each and every hole-in-one they hit during the Main Event Qualifier.  If a Hole-In-One has been hit, contact a tournament official to verify and record.  In the event that no holes-in-one are achieved, all side pot monies are added to the Main Event Purse.    This event is 'optional' to all contestants of the Main Event. 

Championship and Consolation Tournament

·        Tournament Format: Seeded Double Elimination Match Play

·        Play Format: Eighteen Holes Prize Play

·        Entry Fee: Open to qualifying players, as determined by the results of the Main Event Qualifier.

·        Winner:  The winner is the player whose gross score at the end of eighteen holes is lower.

·     Ties:  In the event of a tie, players will play Eighteen Holes Prize Play in Sudden Death Format on the same course of original match.  Players are not allowed to change equipment at any point during a match, but are allowed to refill currently selected equipment as necessary between nine-hole rounds.

·        Course Selection:  Course selection is performed by having each player spin the trackball and playing the course that the cursor stops on.  Use of the 'random course button' is also allowed.  The course MUST be a live-play course from the current year’s course selection.  The top seeded player has the option of teeing off first on the first hole or deferring to his opponent.

·        Order of Play: The higher seeded player chooses the tee-off order for the match.


FOR ALL POWER EVENT TOURNAMENT MODES - THE SHOT METER MUST BE KEPT ON DURING PLAY.  This will be enforced by the opponent player notifying a tournament official that their opponent turned the shot meter off.   This included the stream machine as the tournament officials are not always watching all games/matches.  The player will be advised to turn the shot meter on and continue play.  If there is repeated violations of this, further action may be taken.